Saturday, October 12, 2013

$68,000 Babydoll dress from Hedi Slimane

Hedi is an original, no lie about that. He may have gone off the deep end, however, with his $68,000 babydoll dress that recently was presented to us minions in Autumn 2013 (the Spring line??).  While I do not doubt the talent and the beauty of the fabric and the creation, the attempt to link grunge with Haute couture is a bit odd, especially with this price.
I read that he refused an invite to at least a couple of important fashion journalists whose names escape me. One, a highly competent and intelligent journlist for BOF, wrote a masterful piece on the arrogance of the YSL PR tactics.  The core of his article was that fashion houses can no longer "tell" the world what is what, or how things "must" be. That era ended long ago when the "streets" took over and refused to take orders from Paris, et al.   I love the beauty and grace of Haute couture, but the vast majority of us cannot afford these garments and we do appreciate some kind of appreciation for the vibrancy of the streets,which bring forth great and chaotic creative forces that affect even the lofty Paris.
I think it is good for fashion to continue to push the envelope but this is too much, Hedi.

WW   October 12, 2013    San Francisco Bay Area

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